Coopservice International

Who We Are

Coopservice International was created in February 2018 through the renaming of Armonia Holding, which was the former holding company for Coopservice’s foreign shareholdings. It now has one subsidiary in Malta, two subsidiaries in Croatia and three in Serbia, where it is the market leader. In 2018, the company acquired a controlling stake in a large Spanish group specialising in soft facility management. Coopservice International is the development tool that Coopservice intends to use to expand and strengthen its presence on international markets, in line with the objectives of its 2018-2022 strategic plan. It is currently assessing major acquisitions in Europe and the Middle-East.

Vision and Mission


Build a powerful network, based on an internationally recognised brand, made up of facility services companies that respect the ethical values and business cultures of other countries.


Develop and consolidate its presence on international markets, particularly in emerging nations, exporting its technical and organisational expertise and excellence in facility services management.




Director and CEO






Major Inspirations

The success of great service companies is based on the ability to offer punctual and personalised solutions to client needs, two essential prerequisites for whoever claims to be a market leader. Inspired by this modern vision of doing business, Coopservice?which was created in 1991 by merging two major, long-standing cooperatives working in the cleaning and surveillance sectors?has always been determined to accomplish one priority objective: achieve excellence in satisfying its clients.

Since its founding, Coopservice has proved itself to be one of Italy’s most dynamic companies in integrated facility services and has had major growth in both its revenue and staff. Thanks to its understanding of the diversified demand for services and a staff of over 20,000 trusted employees, the Coopservice Group is well-equipped to design and provide integrated services, based on a global service formula, to public and private clients who choose not to manage non-core activities. The company is now exporting its vast experience and expertise to other countries in order to continue growing in an increasingly global and competitive market.


Coopservice is one of Italy’s leading companies in the designing, providing and managing of integrated facility services. Thousands of its clients throughout the nation?including hospitals, public administrations, industrial groups, banks, airports, shopping centres and private companies?trust Coopservice every day to provide their users, employees and visitors with a positive and satisfying experience in spaces that are clean and sanitised, safe and surveilled, tidy and efficient, comfortable and sustainable.

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