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Foreign Investees and Subsidiaries

Coopservice sees the expansion of its operational horizons towards foreign countries as a natural extension of its work and an important opportunity for innovation and development. Foreign and domestic markets are becoming increasingly competitive and mature. Therefore, in order to grow, the company intends to diversify its development strategy both nationally and internationally, basing it on expertise that makes the difference.

Coopservice International is the tool through which Coopservice carries out its internationalisation plan and monitors its eight companies operating in facility services management in Croatia, Malta, Serbia and Spain. It is now assessing several potential acquisitions in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Croatia - Globalni Servis D.o.o.

Serbia - Bela Harmonija D.o.o.

Malta - Servizi Malta Ltd.

Croatia - Bijela Harmonija D.o.o.

Spain - Grupo PJC

Serbia - Dedinje A.d.

Serbia - Coopservice BMK D.o.o

Croatia - Harmonija Usluge D.o.o.

Coopservice International